Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Victory West Moly continues Malala molybdenum project in Sulawesi

Victory West Moly, listed in Australia Stock Exchange (ASX), reiterated its commitment for ongoing exploration and development activities at its Malala Molybdenum Project in Sulawesi. 
Victory West Moly (VWM) told ASX this morning that it maintains a full-time workforce of around 70 employees based at the Nancy Camp who continue to implement the company's strategy to move the anomaly B molybdenum prospect through to production.
"Trenching is ongoing, with an additional five trenches to be excavated and sampled within the coming months. The company's geologists plan on undertaking geological mapping and sampling activities over two large target areas defined by molybdenum-in-soil geochemistry and recent stream sediment geochemical results," VWM said in a statement.
VWM, previously known as Richfield Group Limited, is exploring mineral resources in several mining rights (kuasa pertambangan/KP) in Sulawesi. They are PT Sembilan Sumber Mas, PT Promistis, and PT Indo Surya. These KPs are located in northern west part of Sulawesi Island.

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