Monday, July 27, 2009

Tjiptardjo named as new tax office boss

Mochammad Tjiptardjo, director of intelligence and investigation at Directorate General for Tax, has been promoted as the new director general to replace Darmin Nasution who has been sworn in as senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia.
Djoko Slamet, spokesperson of DG Tax, told that presidential decree for Tjiptardjo's promotion has been issued.
Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati has confirmed Tjiptardjo's appointment. "We hope he could continue the reform at Tax Office," Sri Mulyani told
Tjiptardjo is known for his work on Asian Agri tax evasion investigation. PAN legislator Drajad Wibowo praised the decision saying Tjiptardjo's track record gives hopes for strengthening reform at the Tax Office. "We hope cases like Asian Agri will not hanging in balance for years because it's not healthy for the Tax Office," Wibowo said.
Tjiptardjo was head of Southern Sumatra tax office. (hs/ya)




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