Friday, July 24, 2009

Omar Dhani passed away

Former minister/commander of air force under Soekarno regime, Omar Dhani, passed away today at Air Force Hospital, Jakarta.
Born in Solo, Central Java, in January 23, 1924, Dhani's name has mainly been linked to the defunct Communist Party due to his approval to teach Marxism in schools and courses of Air Force. 
He studied at Royal Air Force Staff College in Andover, England in 1956. When he was 38, January 19, 1962, Soekarno promoted Dhani as minister/commander of air force.
But the controversial September 30 tragedy turned his career into an ultimate end. He was brought to extraordinary military court in 1966 as a suspect. He was sentenced to death for his "role" in the tragedy.
In December 1982, Omar Dhani and Dr Soebandrio were summoned by Higher Military Court where they got clemency. But it took 13 years for Dhani to get the freedom in August 16, 1995.
Dhani is a key "witness" of the September 30, 1965 tragedy. In an interview with Tempo magazine eight years ago, Dhani explicitly said that CIA involved in the tragedy and that they used Soeharto's hands.
Dhani also admitted he is a Soekarnoist. He also said he's not a communist, but he's not anti-communist. Dhani wrote a book titled "Pergunakanlah Hati, Tangan, dan Pikiranku: Pledoi Omar Dhani."
Omar Dhani has five children (including Perry Nursparyan Omar Dhani, Tommy Setiotomo, Omar Nuris P, Dian Sri Indrapuri) and 10 grandchildren.



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