Friday, July 17, 2009

Noke Kiroyan survives bomb attack

Noke Kiroyan, former CEO of Rio Tinto and Newmont in Indonesia, survived a suicide bomb blast that killed nine people including CEO of Holcim Indonesia Timothy Mackay and commercial manager of Thiess Indonesia Garth McEvoy.
Kiroyan was among executives attended ICP Breakfast Roundtable from various companies including Freeport, Alstom, Thiess, Holcim, Anadarko, Chevron, and Husky. Kiroyan was treated at MMC Hospital with other victims, including two executives of Castle Group (James Castle and Max Boon).
Kiroyan, founder of Kiroyan-Kuhon Partners (consulting firm), according to Puni Anjungsari (senior associate at Kiroyan Partners) said after few hours of medical treatment, MMC hospital released Noke Kiroyan and allowed him to get medical treatment at his home by private doctors. Noke Kiroyan was injured, hit in his right face and in the back. "He will be treated with intensive care by private doctors," Anjungsari told Antara tonight.
Edward Thiessen (52), country director of Alstom Power Indonesia, also survived the bomb attacks. He is currently treated at Pertamina hospital for mild burns in chests, legs and hands. Doctors at Pertamina hospital described Thiessen's condition improved.

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