Friday, July 17, 2009

Marriott-Ritz bombings & energy meeting

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro dismissed speculation that the bomb attacks at JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton are related to a meeting of energy and mining executives scheduled this morning at Marriott.
"Is it a coincidence?" one of our readers asked about several executives of energy and mining companies injured and killed in the attacks. reported that these executives have a monthly breakfast meeting titled ICP Breakfast Roundtable scheduled this morning at Marriott. Participants were reportedly:
(1) Edward Thiessen: Country Manager of Alstom Power, being treated at Pertamina hospital.
(2) Pedro Sole: Senior Vice President Alstom Power
(3) David Potter: Vice President Exploration Freeport Indonesia, treated at Medistra Hospital.
(4) Andrew (Andy) Cobham: Hill & Associate, country manager of PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia, being treated at MMC Hospital.
(5) Timothy Mackay: CEO of Holcim Indonesia, died at Medistra Hospital.
(6) Kevin S. Moore: General Manager of Husky Energy, being treated at MMC Hospital.
(7) Mariko Asmara Yoshihara: JAC Indonesia, being treated at MMC Hospital.
(8) Noke Kiroyan: Kiroyan-Kuhon Partners, injured, but has been released from MMC Hospital.
(9) Roy Widosuwito: President Perfetti Van Melle Indonesia
(10) Nathan Verity: Verity HR
(11) James Castle: Castle Asia, currently hospitalized at MMC Hospital.
(12) Max Boon: Castle Asia, being treated at MMC Hospital.
(13) Gary Ford: General Manager Anadarko Indonesia, evacuated to Singapore hospital.
(14) Peter van Wessel: General Manager Oil Tanking, transfered to Singapore hospital.  

Police suspected the man behind the bombs is Nurdin A, who stayed at Marriott Room No. 1808 for almost one week. Police found an active bomb in his room. Police also suspected two suicide bombers at Ritz-Carlton and one at Marriott.
About 16 victims have been released from MMC Hospital, including Noke Kiroyan. Others are Catur Rindu, Cho Ing Sang, Hui Bosco Keung, Jame Makkeba, Janter Rusmanto, Linda, Meliana, Putra, Regi Salstad (Norway), Rinaldi Damanik, Sarah, Shweta Shukita, William, Yunita Kartikasari, and Scott Merrillees (left MMC to continue medical treatment in SIngapore).
Back to our reader's question: is it a coincidence? Is it by design? For what? Most believe international terrorism network is behind the attacks. Hopefully police could investigate thoroughly. Police said the suicide bombings are identical to Jamaah Islamiyah network. (hs/ya) 

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