Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marriott-Ritz bombings & The Bombers

Police expects to disclose the identity of two suicide bombers that killed nine people at JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta on Friday by this afternoon. One of them identified as Nurdin A who stayed at Marriott for about one week.
Nurdin, according to police, stayed at Rom 1808 and he is believed to have assemble the bombs in that hotel. Police found it difficult to identify the other bomber.
Hermawan Sulistyo, member of Bali Bomb investigation team, said the bombers might be members of Noordin M. Top's terrorism network based on explosive materials used. "The explosive materials are the same with those in Bali Bomb. Police also said the materials are the same with those found in Cilacap, Central Java. SO, the pattern is similar," Sulistyo told this morning.
Still, he noted several differences. First, it is unusual to attack the same target, even though for a longer period of time (between the attacks). Second, the measures used this time could categorized "luxury" if the bomber really stayed in the hotel for a long period of time. Bombers rarely stayed in the targeted objects. "Staying in Marriott cost you Rp1.5 million (US$150) per night. For a week? It's costly," Sulistyo said.
Sidney Jones, director for International Crisis Group (ICG) suspected the bombers are member of Noordin M. Top group. "If police was right about suicide bombing, this is pointed to old groups surrounding Noordin M. Top. But this is just a speculation," Jones said.
Noordin is considered a mastermind of Bali bombing which killed at least 202 people, mostly foreign visitors, in October 2002. Other related group mentioned is Jamaag Islamiyah.
Jamaah Islamiyah is also accused of carrying out a 2003 attack on JW Marriott in 2003, a 2004 attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and 2005 triple suicide bombings at restaurants in Bali.
Others speculate on the relationship between series of shootings in Freeport Indonesia's mine in Papua and the Friday bombings mainly because of two Freeport executives (Adrianto Magribi and David Potter) were among the victims.
But political observer Syamsudin Harris dismissed the connection arguing. Haris blamed police and government who were too busy dealing with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) issue.
Police also found an active bomb at Room 1808. The guy at Room 1808 reportedly ordered coffee before the explosion. Police investigates the connection between ICP Breakfast Roundtable attended by executives of mining and energy companies at Marriott and the bomber's motives.
Police has yet to confirm whether the bomber at Ritz-Carlton also stayed in the hotel or just a "guest". Police is investigating the man caught by Ritz' CCTV entering the hotel's restaurant before the blast.  

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