Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kepco invites coal supplier

Kepco SPC Power Corporation (KSPC) invites coal suppliers to participate in an open bidding to supply 320,000 tons per year of coal for its Cebu power plant. 
KSPC is the operator of 2x100 MW coal-fired power plant in Naga, Cepu province, Philippines. Earlier last week, another Philippine electricity provider Napocor awarded 2x65,000 tons of coal at US$80.93 - US$81.03 per ton (CIF) to Trubaindo Mining and 65,000 tons at US$79/ton (CIF) to PT Delta Mineral.
In February 2009, Napocor awarded Trubaindo 260,000 tons for April-July 2009 delivery and Indominco at 585,000 tons for March-September 2009 delivery. 
Napocor plans to import 3.5 million tons of coal this year, significantly below last year's 4.18 million tons per year. 




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