Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jakarta Bombings & Unanswered Questions

Victor Mokodompis is waiting clarification from police whether Evert Mokodompis, staff at JW Marriott Hotel, is one of the victims. Others wonder about how many people actually killed in the Friday bombings.
For sure, the Friday bombings left several unanswered questions:
(1) How many people died from the bombings? Formal announcement: 9 people killed. But police hospital received 15 bags of dead bodies.
(2) How many people seriously injured?
(3) Who are the suicide bombers?
(4) What is the relationship between the bombers and terrorist groups? Which group?
(5) What is the relationship between the bombers and political groups?
(6) What were the motives? Anti-US? Upset with the election results?
(7) What is the relationship between the bombings and the ICP Breakfast Roundtable? Is it a coincidence? Something to do with series of shootings in Freeport, Papua? 

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