Friday, July 17, 2009

Explosion at Ritz Carlton cost lives

Explosion at 5-star Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan area, Jakarta, has reportedly killed four people. But there is no confirmation from police about the source of the explosion. Some said bomb blasts, but witnesses said from hotel's kitchen. quoted Firman Bundi, South Jakarta Police Head, confirming four people killed from the explosions.
Foreign press quoted police that it was a bomb attack and quickly pointed their fingers to Jemaah Islamiah. Ritz Carlton sits next to JW Marriott Hotel rocked by bomb attack few years back. reported the explosion also hit a restaurant in Plaza Mutiara. Eight people, including four foreigners, at the restaurant severely injured. MetroTV reported about four people killed in the explosions, but police has yet to confirm the report.
One security officer of JW Marriott Hotel is reportedly killed in the explosion. Nine victims are currently hospitalized at Jakarta Hospital. They are Sidik Maulana, Aryo, Edward Thielsen (Airlangga Kitchen), David Petter (Airlangga Kitchen), Deni Purwanto (JW Marriott), Adri, Dik Ahmad Taufik, Dewi Lestari (Panin Bank), and Ririn (Panin Bank). Edward has been moved to Pertamina hospital, and reportedly in good condition. Two other foreigners get medical treatment at MMC Hospital, Kuningan, Jakarta.
Ritz Carlton is slated to host the famous football English Premier League club Manchester United team who will play in Jakarta this weekend. quoted witnesses saying there were two explosions. The first at 07.30, and the second about three minutes later.
But others said the first explosion at Syailendra Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel was at 07.50, followed with the second explosion at Airlangga Restaurant (Ritz Carlton) at 07.55.
Regarding the question about source of the explosion, bomb or gas tanks in the restaurants, some said most likely they were bombs. "The explosions were too strong to be triggered by gas tanks in the kitchen of restaurants," one security expert said.




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