Monday, July 20, 2009

Economist escaped from Jakarta bombings

Economist Umar Juoro escaped from Friday morning bombings at JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.
Noke Kiroyan, former Rio Tinto and Newmont CEO in Indonesia, one of the survivors of the JW Marriott bombing told TVOne this morning that Umar Juoro is a regular participant of Indonesia Country Program (ICP) Breakfast Roundtable organized by Castle Asia.
"I was sitting in the corner of the table, on the right side of James Castle. We usually have Umar Juoro, but he didn't attend the Friday meeting," Kiroyan said.
Umar Juoro is a commissioner at Bank International Indonesia (BII) and researcher at The Habibie Center. 
Kiroyan has been released from MMC Hospital. He suffered hearing problem from his right ear. He needs further surgery to recover that. 
Four participants of the meeting (Timothy Mackay/CEO of Holcim Indonesia, Nathan Verity/CEO of Verity HR, Garth McEvoy/Manager at Thiess Contractors, and Craig Senger/diplomat at Australian Embassy) died of the blasts, while 14 others injured. (Read our previous reports)
Other name listed to participate in the ICP Breakfast Roundtable is Patrick Foo (country manager of AEL Indonesia, subsidiary of explosive giant African Explosive Ltd). But no information available whether Patrick attended the meeting or not.
Kiroyan described the morning meeting as regular roundtable organized by Castle Group. James Castle and Max Boon from Castle Asia are among the victims. "Before the blast, Jim Castle and I had a little chat. Jim asked how's life, I said "life's good", and then..."
Unfortunately Kiroyan didn't see the face of the bomber because he was sitting against the entrance door of JW Lounce. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Umor Juoro get a tip about the bombing plan before that happened ? If I recall correctly, Umar Juoro is a prominent member of ICMI . It would have brought an enormous outrage from ICMI ,if he were on that meeting and become one of the victims.

July 20, 2009 12:10 PM  

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