Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dutch couple killed in the bombings

Police feared two unidentified victims of Friday's bombings are Dutch couple EJC Keaning & Pieter Burer. 
Police spokesperson Nanan Soekarno said confirmation of the couple's death is pending data from Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. The embassy claimed it lost three of its citizens.
Republika reported two death bodies have been identified. One of them is identified as Mrs EJC Keaning. The second has also been identified but police declined to disclose his name. He might be the husband of Mrs Keaning.
Rakyat Merdeka quoted Nanan that the guy, considered as husband of Mrs Keaning, is Pieter Burer. 
The couple was staying at Ritz Carlton when the bomb blast last Friday. The Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Monday that the couple had been the guest of Ritz-Carlton hotel while on holiday.
The third Dutch citizen has yet to be identified.




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