Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DNA test pointed to other suspects

The search for suicide bombers entered a new uncertainty after DNA tests confirmed that the suspected bombers are not the names widely circulated in the past few days, Nur Said and Ibrahim.
Police conducted DNA test on the family members of both Nur Said and Ibrahim. The results are not match with the bodies suspected as suicide bombers. "As a result, until now we have yet to identify the bodies (suspected suicide bombers)," Nanan Sukarna, police spokesperson said.
But police managed to publish the sketches of the bombers' faces. They have the following characteristics: the bomber at Marriott has an age between 20-40, around 165 cm tall, while the one at Ritz-Carlton (left in the picture) is about 17-20 years old, white skin, black and short hair, 180 cm tall, shoes 42-43. 
Nur said, alumni of the controversial Islamic boarding school Al-Mukmin Ngruki, has been widely discussed as the suicide bomber at JW Marriott Hotel last Friday. The speculations were triggered by police statement that someone checked in the hotel in July 15 under the name of Nurdin Aziz with fake ID card.
If not Nurdin AKA Nur Hasdi AKA Nurhasbi and Ibrahim (florist at Ritz-Carlton), then who are these guys?
Professor Anak Agung Banyu Perwita told that they might be foreigners even though it's way too premature to make a connection with Al Qaeda network.




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