Friday, July 17, 2009

Desa Mirah iron ore shipment delayed

The initial shipment of stockpiled ore at Desa Mirah mine site and commencement of mining have been delayed due to ongoing negotiations with the palm oil plantation owner on whose land the mine is located.
Lincoln Minerals Limited told Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) this morning that a small parcel of about 7,000 - 10,000 tons of high grade iron ore was stockpiled during previous trial mining and selected run-of-mine samples average 66.2% Fe. 
Desa Mirah mine in South Central Kalimantan is being developed jointly by Lincoln Minerals and Samusa Corporation through an Indonesian mining company PT Samusa Bintang Mandiri, jointly owned by Lincoln Minerals (45%) and Samusa Corp (55%).
Lincoln said outcrop mapping, trenching, and the magnetic survey have defined sufficient resources to enable Stage 1 mining to commence as soon as negotiations are completed with the landowners and equipment can be mobilized on site.
A small parcel of ore was transported from the mine to the jetty at Pundu last month but trucking was discontinued partly due to the state of the connecting road between the mine and the jetty where the ore will be loaded onto barges for shipment.

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