Saturday, July 25, 2009

Confession of "the groom-to-be"

Ahmadi AKA Ahmad Jenggot has surrendered to Special Anti-Terror Police Force on Tuesday. He is the schoolmate of Saefudin Zuhry, who has been detained earlier, for his connection to the terrorism group.
Ahmadi told police that Noor Din M Top, the most wanted police fugitive, has prepared him as "the groom" for suicide bombing. "The groom" is the term used by terrorist group for someone who will commit suicide bombing.
Amhadi and Saefudin were classmates at Madrasah Wathoniyah Islamiyah (Islamic boarding school) in Kebarongan, Kemranjen sub-regency, Banyumas Regency, Central Java. The school is only hundred meters away from the home of terrorist suspect Abu Dujana
According to, Ahmadi's home is only two kilometers from Saefudin's house or five KM from Bahrudin Latif AKA Baridin's home. Baridin, suspected as father in law of Noor Din M Top, is the head of Al-Muaddib boarding school foundation, and is currently a fugitive. Baridin disappeared from his home before police raided and "discovered" bomb materials in the backyard. (Although some suspicious of the way police "easily" found the materials)
Mahfudz, director of Al-Muaddib, admitted Saefudin and Ahmadi often came to the boarding school. Ahmadi, 39, has a daughter Nida, while his wife Rokiah is pregnant. Ahmadi makes his living from hand-sweepers. He made the sweepers himself and sell them in various areas.
Ahmadi is only one of the grooms-to-be, prepared by terrorist perpetrators like Noordin M Top. Why they want to be the "grooms"?
ZA, being interrogated by police, told police that Noordin said the suicide bombers are guaranteed "seats" in Heaven. "And when entering the Heaven's gate, 40 angels will greet you," Alex Bambang Riatmodjo, head of Central Java police, quoted ZA.
If the grooms-to-be are not satisfied nor convinced about the Heaven seat, Noordin will add a "bonus". What's the bonus? Well, the parents of the "grooms" will also get 100% guarantee for Heaven.
Imam Samudra---executed in Nusakambangan last November for his role in Bali bombing in October 2002 that killed hundreds of people, according to report, also used the "doctrine". He managed to order five of loyal followers to rob a gold store where they got Rp30 million to, among others, finance the Bali bombing. In October 1st, 2002, three weeks before the bombing, Imam Samudra asked these people to come to Solo, Central Java, where Imam asked their willingness to be suicide bombers.
These five people considered the "order" to heavy and rejected. Imam then used the "Heaven trick". "Not only you guys will enter the Heaven, but your parents will get assurance for Heaven as well," Imam said. One of the five, Arnasan, took the offer, while the other four rejected. It's Arnasan who finally pulled the detonator trigger and had himself killed with hundreds of people, mainly tourists.
Police found two suicide bombers in the last week's bombings at JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton. But they have yet to identify who are they. Several people, including Ibrohim, the florist at Plaza Mutiara, has been disappeared since the bombing. Ibrohim reportedly played significant role in "gathering information" about the target and helped terrorists to bring explosive materials to the JW Marriott hotel.
Nur Said AKA Nurhasbi AKA Nurdin Aziz has initially been considered the suicide bomber at Marriott. But DNA test failed to confirm that. Nur Said is now considered the "bomb expert", inheriting the expertise from Dr Azahari. Some believe Nur Said made the bomb at Marriott and Ritz-Carlton and stayed at Marriott's room 1808. But the man taped by Marriott's CCTV when check in the hotel was the man who committed the suicide bombing.

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