Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Telkom reshuffle confirmed,

PT Telkom Tbk finally announced today that the Feb 28 extraordinary shareholders meeting should make decision on management reshuffle; keep Arwin Rasyid as the CEO with other directors replaced (plus new board of commissioners) or kick Arwin out and keep others in place (with new CEO).

The 'me or they' and 'he or us' attitude could be seen in the statements of Arwin Rasyid and Tanri Abeng (President Commissioner) published by Investor magazine this week.
Q: What will you do if shareholders reject the board reshuffle?
A: As a pro, I have some options. I can't disclose what options. I just hope that government is consistent and committed.
Q: You had failed to replace the board in the previous shareholders meeting?
A: I got no explanation; you better ask related minister.

Q: Arwin once asked for board reshuffle but rejected?
A: It's true, since April he sent the letter to board of commissioner so we ask the shareholders meeting in June. I supported Arwin for the reshuffle, but shareholders didn't approve that.
Q: There is conflict between commissioner & Arwin?
A: Well, we can't have same views all the time, I respect professionalism, but if we can't get along, what can you do? If we can't maintain, you gotta make decision. When the board member felt they can't work together, we might need Arwin in other place.
Q: That's why board of commissioners demanded the replacement?
A: When the board of directors feel that they can't work together anymore. The best for Arwin and the company is to have him in another place.
Q; So, what will happen on Feb 28?
A: One of the issues will be the board of directors replacement. If Arwin could be trusted for the job again, then he could only work if there will be changes according to Arwin's demand. We heard that Arwin also want to have board of commissioners replaced.




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