Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sinivasan captured in India?

Marimutu Sinivasan, one of the largest debtor with around Rp27 trillion unpaid loans to the state, has reportedly been captured in India and now on his way home.

Sinivasan fled the country in March 15 last year, two days before Police asked immigration office to impose overseas travel ban on him. That time, his lawyer claimed Sinivasan fled the country for medical treatment. Police put Sinivasan in the wanted list to stand trial in a banking loan scam. In June, police claimed a cooperation with Interpol and Indian police to hunt down Sinivasan.
Prosecutors then promised to proceed the in absentia trial but no information since then.
(I remember back in Dec 2001 when AGO issued red notice to 184 countries and asked Interpol to have tycoon Sjamsul Nursalim stand trial back home. He fled the country, reportedly for medical treatment. Some reports said Nursalim, the owner of Gajah Tunggal group & Giti Tire (the largest tire manufacturer in China), lives in Singapore.)
In July, Rakyat Merdeka reported Sinivasan gave the power of attorney to lawyer Hery Suryadi to settle the debts, again no follow ups.
VP Jusuf Kalla was in India last week and met some businessmen, but no reports if he ever met Sinivasan there. Sinivasan's late brother Marimutu Manimaren was Golkar Party's treasurer.
I just can't imagine how difficult for the police to catch someone hiding in India. Is is possible that Sinivasan met the Vice President in private but failed to convince Mr Kalla to pay the debts as promised and then asked the police to lock the businessman in?
In the last two days, media run the conflicting statements from government officers regarding Sinivasan's Texmaco Group. While Secretary to the Minister of SOEs Said Didu said that government would takeover the company and make it a new SOE, Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris strongly rejected the idea arguing 'that's not in line with government's overall privatization strategy."

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Blogger dito said...

welcome home, indiahe

February 08, 2007 1:01 PM  
Anonymous Joe Jussac, Jr. said...

Hi there,

I KNEW personally, and professionally Mr. Vasan (Sinivasan). He still OWED mu a lot! I am considering, VERY SERIOUSLY writing a book about TEXMACO. I have started the "DRAFT," which -- when goes to print -- will make HEADS roll! Mr. Sinivasan CONFIDED to me at Head Office years ago, before I finally LEFT too in disgust (11 senior executives have left first), THAT HE had DONATED huge amount of money to then "Madame" who later on became the "number one" in NKRI!

U guys will NOT know what TEXMACO(ns) really was unless u guys become part of it.

I WAS DAMN WRONG about TEXMACO. I owe Laksamana Sukardi an apology. SEARCH (at REPUBLIKA) "KASUS TEXMACO: CHEAP SHOT LAKSAMANA SUKARDI" by Joe Nugroho -- this same chap Joe Jussac, January 2000.

Thanks to this MAIN article in the Daily REPUBLIKA of that date, I was then DIRECTLY hired by Mr. Sinivasan; yet, unfortunately, several months LATER, Laks was SACKED by de President Abdurrachman Wahid u guys call Gus Dur!!!

Wanna copy of the DRAFT??? It/s not free man.....

yjussacjr ad yahoo dot com

Salaam man...
Xcuse my typos

February 02, 2009 9:03 PM  

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