Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kiskenda, new Telkom CEO front runner

President SBY as the chairman of Tim Penilai Akhir (TPA or Final Assesment Team) has reportedly picked Kiskenda Suriahardja, CEO of Telkomsel, as the new CEO for PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk today, people close to The State Palace said. Kiskenda would be formally proposed as Telkom CEO to replace Arwin Rasyid in a shareholders meeting Wednesday. But things could change as other members of TPA proposed Rinaldi Firmansyah, finance director of Telkom, as an alternative candidate.

Kiskenda is one of the four candidates proposed by Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises to TPA. Other candidates are Garuda Sugardo (deputy to CEO of Telkom), Sarwoto Atmosoetarno (Head of Infrastructure Division at Telkom), and Rinaldi Firmansyah (finance director of Telkom).
"Except that President would change his mind," he reminded the situation when Rasyid was appointed in June 2005. That time, Garuda almost got the driving seat with strong support from VP Jusuf Kalla.
Kiskenda was appointed CEO of Telkomsel, a subsidiary of Telkom, in March 2005. He was the head of Telkom's Greater Jakarta operation prior to the promotion.
Telkom's strong workers union (with 25,000 members) had suggested to MSOE Sugiharto to give priority to candidates from inside the company.
Other strongest alternative candidate is Rinaldi, currently the CFO.
As for Arwin, he has been tipped as the CEO for Indosat, the second largest telecommunication provider behind Telkom which is controlled by Singapore's Temasek Holdings.




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