Monday, February 05, 2007

If you're Sutiyoso or governor candidate

If you're Sutiyoso, governor of Jakarta, what will you do to prevent worse floods in the city next year onwards? Well, Sutiyoso's term will be ended this year. With limited time available, what's the best he should do to inherit a legacy of true leader?

Sutiyoso proposes transmigration of Jakartans. But people are cynical about the idea, "except he'll remove us to Pondok Indah (the upper class neighborhood!)," a resident of Cililitan told
Transmigration is not a bad idea at all. But it should be done naturally in the longer run, not repeating Soeharto era's model. If we start to build huge malls at Jakarta's outskirts, we could move some people. If we build new 'capital city' outside Jakarta, we could move people more significantly. But all of these will be long-run strategies.
What will you do if you're in Sutiyoso's position with few months left in office to change the course of these deadly floods?
The question is good for governor candidates to anwer or could be part of their campaign. I wanna see one of these candidates (Sarwono, Faisal Basri, Fauzi Bowo, Rano Karno, Andang Daradjatun, Agum Gumelar, who else?) come up with bold ideas & feasible to implement, not just shouting "Free of Floods in 2008" or "Anti-Floods Guaranteed!"




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would continue to build canal surrounding Jakarta, and in the sama time, free more open area, cancel further mall building and similar projects, and propose to government to consider capital movement to other area.

February 06, 2007 9:05 PM  

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