Monday, January 01, 2007


I can't help but wonder why we have to start writing the 2007 chapter with tragedies & misseries. reported Adam Air flight from Surabaya to Manado, North Sulawesi is out of radar screen for almost six hours now with 102 people onboard missing only hours after a ship sinking with 400 people on board. I rejects to believe the soothsayer's gloomy 2007 prediction or President SBY's bad aura & let's pray for their survival! reported Tuesday morning that Adam Air crashed in mountain area of Polman, West Sulawesi. Thank God, 12 passengers survived, but no information available on the remaining 90 passengers on board the Boeing 737-400.
Associated Press reported few minutes ago that rescue teams found the smoldering wreckage of an Indonesian jetliner that went missing over Indonesia's Sulawesi island during a storm, authorities said. At least 90 of the 102 people on board were killed, a local official said.
"The plane is destroyed and many bodies are around there," said local police Chief Col. Genot Hariyanto, AP reported.




Anonymous MG said...

Last year ended with some tragedy on the sea.. and this year is probably started also with tragedy..
I wonder, what Indonesi will face this year :-(

January 02, 2007 12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's put aside the lethargy and superstition for a while. What about the sense of responsibility (or lack thereof), sense of guilt, sense of urgency.... bla..bla..bla.., (I could go on forever) from the PEOPLE IN CHARGE at DEPHUB ??? The Minister, The Dirjens, The direkturs etc.. ?

Hey, dating back to 2005, we've consistently had all sorts of accidents ... land, sea, air with staggering rates of fatalities, and none of the investigations have been of any substance, in terms of results, conclusions or punitive actions etc. So what's the conclusions on Mandala in Medan, Lion in Solo ? what about the multiple derailment that happened last year ? breakdown of Jalur Lintas Sumatra ? Ferry that burnt, capsized ? etc. etc. etc ???

Look at the newspapers, it seems that the low-cost carriers always made it to the news with their routine mishaps (over-shooting the runways is the most often happenings).

What does it take for Indonesians take actions ? If the top officials are too thick-skinned to take responsibilty (i.e; resign, or fire one of their dirjens), then SBY should ! Why hasn't he reprimanded the Minister of Transportation ? or the Minister of Health with her inaptitude in dealing with the health care issues and Avian flu ?

Doesn't SBY feels he owes it to the Indonesian people to do something ? What is the price of Indonesian lives to SBY and JK ? Why is the lost of lives of hundreds of innocent people not enough to punish inept top officials at related government departments/agencies and send them to jail ?

January 03, 2007 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year there was an email circulating around and treated as spam by most people. It was apparently written by an expat who had travelled from Jakarta to Bali and his comments on the condition of the Adam Air plane he was flying in as well as research afterwards on the average age of the planes which was 18 years! He made a very dim prediction that something would happen by the end of 2006. We know what happened and it is indeed very sad and another addition to the accident statistics of Indonesia.

I had sent a copy of the said e-mail to Bapak Yosef Ardi.

I pray that Indonesia will concentrate to be on the Top 10 of Positive Lists rather than always happy to be bottom of them or Top of the Negative Lists!!!

January 04, 2007 1:39 PM  

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