Friday, January 05, 2007

The President as Poster Boy for Prescious Stone Necklace

You better check this out! I'm not sure if this is real nor when did President SYB wear that, and Smile! I did ask the sales person of Bio-FIR. "Yes, the president use this product," he said. "But why I neevr saw the president wear that in public?" "Well, for certain occasions, he wears that," the sales person trying to convince me. "So, is it something wrong with the president's state of health?" "Not necessarily so. But it's good for those with high cholesterol, hypertension, migrain, vertigo, prostat, insomnia, etc," he answered. "Which one is the president's problem?" "You better ask yourself." "Do you pay the president for such advertisement?" "I don't know."



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