Monday, January 08, 2007

Indonesia's Yuri Orlov

I bet most of you have seen Lord of War with Yuri Orlov (Nicholas Cage) as the arms dealer with his brother Vitaly (Jared Leto) as partner. So, brothers-in-arms. "Yuri doesn’t believe in concepts like “right or wrong.” He doesn’t believe that things are black or white. Yuri lives in the shades of gray, making us all wonder if we’re in there with him," George Epps wrote in his review (Brothers in Arms) back in 2005.

Reading an article in TRUST magazine this week, I found Indonesia's Orlov in Mr RM Soeryo Goeritno, arms dealer, born in Blitar, East Java, graduated from Moscow's Gubkin Institute, and had experience in arms supply to various countries in Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Suriah, and Afghanistan).
But he is not alone. He mentioned a name, Nicholas (Niko), Flores-born, as one of the key arms dealer in the country. Ah, Flores man, like me. Unfortunately I have no information about this Orlov from Flores. ou can add the list with those jailed in US last year. It's a lucrative business!




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Is this story for real???

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