Friday, January 26, 2007

Frictions inside the cabinet

In the last few weeks we've read war of words between Information & Communication Minister Sofyan Djalil and State Minister for Research & Technology Kusmayanto Kardiman over Microsoft licensing & open source. Tempo reported this week of how president SBY was so 'mad' about the situation. How about other conflicts?

Another dispute is on settlement of unstoppable hot mudflow from Lapindo Brantas Inc's Banjarpanji drilling well in Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java. Source of conflict is how much the state budget would be deployed to settle third parties liabilities after March as President Decree issued last year obliged Lapindo to bear the costs for six months.
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Purnomo Yusgiantoro as the chairman of national team established by president to solve the problem has yet to come up with clear mechanism especially the gap between Lapindo's capability and the total losses to be covered.
There are two groups inside cabinet regarding the issue. Those who want to help Bakrie family (considering the group's financial support in 2004 election) and those who are increasingly suspicious about Bakrie's political support in 2009.
"The cabinet is clearly split on Lapindo. Pressures have been mounted towards MOF Sri Mulyani to approve the government bail out program," one Palace source said.
There are also pressures from DPR to reduce MOF's power with the plan to spin-off Custom & Excise Office. "Two camps inside the cabinet are also fighting for that," another source said.
The recent management brawl at Jamsostek is also part of conflicts inside the cabinet about who will get what. "Right from the appointment of Pontjowinoto, the cabinet has been split on the issue. I could understand if both the minister of SOEs and minister of manpower trying to hide the tension. But those familiar with inner circle politics could sense that," other government official said.
The same conflict at state-owned PT Telkom between cabinet members who support Arwin Rasyid and those who want him out.
Both camps inside the cabinet are also looking for stronger ties with different groups inside Indonesian military especially after the latest movement of some retired generals.
Golkar's move to hire high-profile officers such as Miranda Gultom (deputy governor of Bank Indonesia) and Anwar Nasution (Chairman of Supreme Audit Agency) is also seen in that perspective.
"For sure, the president don't want to be alienated from elite politics no matter how strong public support on him. We'll see his responses in these hot issues," a political analyst said.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can predict already how the President will react. He will do nothing and hope the problems will resolve by it self. That is also a management style, but very risky.

January 26, 2007 10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a note on Lapindo like this:

Ada undisbursed pledge 4 triliun di BRR (ACEH), 2 dipindahkan ke gempa Yogya, 2 mau digaruk sama kongsi Lapindo-Brantas ini. Syaratnya, harus ada status resmi "bencana alam". Dalam 3 minggu terakhir semua public figures yang potensial disuruh bikin kampanye bencana ini, dari Golkar sampai...PBHI pun ikutan. Kongsi ini klaim udah keluar kur/leb US$100 juta (kasar ya 1 triliun). Gimana caranya dapat separuh dari dana 2 triliun itu? Mrk tengah upayakan menuntut pemerintah karena Keppres merugikan mereka. Kalau ini goal, mereka bisa dapat ganti 100% dari 100 juta dolar itu.

Anybody can confirm this? Why the medias remain silent about this? A few days ago, almost foreign press put Indonesian mudflow on their coverage. The issue was the mudflow is caused by drilling. This is based on a sicentific work published in a respected journal GSA Today.

Anybody can help to confirm this issue?

January 27, 2007 12:22 AM  

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