Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yahya Zaini-Eva Maria video, the most searched!

Yahoo! announced on Wednesday that Britney Spears topped it's most popular search term list for 2006. Spears shares the top five with fellow blonde celebrities Shakira at No. 3 followed by Jessica Simpson and then Paris Hilton. President George Bush was the most searched politician this year. But I got information today that Yahya Zaini-Eva Maria's 5-minute sex video clip topped's most popular term list this year.

Frankly, I just watched the clip. Someone emailed me. The clip was also listed as the most popular search at even though the duration is 42 seconds only, reported.
But when I searched that with keyword "Yahya Zaini" I stumbled at three completely unrelated clips (a boy taking shower with Reage soundtrack Red Red Wine, monkeys etc).
From what I saw in the emailed clip, I got the impression that the moment was intentionally tapped showing Yahya walked nakedly approaching Maria who lay down on bed naked with a towel covering her stomach. The clip showing Yahya's very little buddy and a zoom on her's. He tried to stop the tapping, but seems focused on her's.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can we trust them anymore?
Ideally, they are supposedly to present the most "elegant" way of representing people they should represent...
But this incident?? Wow...!!
Now, I'm beginning to wonder whether I should pay tax as some of the tax paid to the country were used by YZ to:
1. Checking-in a hotel for adultery activities,
2. Pay the meals, room service, laundry during the respective time,
3. Worst part: abortion fee!!

December 08, 2006 5:08 PM  

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