Thursday, December 14, 2006

PGN divestment turns sweet & sour for Sugiharto

After more than one year of suspension, government finally divests 185.8 million shares of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) Tbk, represents 5.31% outstanding shares, through bookbuilding process handled by Danareksa, Bahana, and Credit Suisse on Thursday.

The state-owned investment bank received huge demand from investors with 1.9 times of amount of shares on sale with average price of Rp11.300 per share, even though government actually offered 5% discount from Tuesday's closing. But things changed quickly when one investor, reportedly from Malaysia, submitted an offer to buy the whole shares at Rp12,150 which is 7% premium.
It was 3PM on Thursday. Danareksa stunned with the information because this 'ghost' investor was said to have direct deal with officers at the state-owned enterprises ministry.
"The bookrunners then start to ask who the hell is the guy. We're confused because if we quote the price at Rp11,300 while public get the information that someone actually offered better price for the government, we'll be under public pressure. But if we sell all the shares to that 'ghost' investor, the question is what kind of deal he/she has with the ministry," a dealer at Danareksa said.
"I'm not surprised if the Malaysian investor is the one with under-the-table agreement with certain officers. Or may be there is no Malaysian investor, but a proxy investor," said an investment banker in Jakarta.
"We're quite suspicious with the transaction. We even heard the so-called Malaysian investor was ready to buy at Rp14,000/share. But you know, it's just too good to be true," a Tempo editor said.
But the Rp11.300 is clearly not the best price. It reflects almost 17% discount from PGN's highest price this year. Politicians have something to play, especially those who want to mount pressure toward Sugiharto.
Kompas in its Friday edition quoted two legislators from PAN, Drajad Wibowo & Didiek J. Rachbini, criticizing government's failure to get the best price. They called it too low, too slow.
At the same time, these guys indirectly defended Sugiharto calling the divestment shown poor coordination about privatization and the intention behind it, which is merely to fill budget gap (this year's target is Rp3 trillion from privatization).
"Sugiharto might be blamed or charged for potential loss to the state and it's a corruption, but he could defend himself saying he sell PGN to meet the target set under the 2006 budget law and blame his colleagues in the cabinet. Blame games," a political analyst said.
This is big game. Those who have information about when Sugiharto will push the button might have bought PGN shares at very low price in the last few months and get the upside.
"The shares must have been swept at cheap price, and will get huge amount from the upside once Sugiharto push the button," other investment banker said.
That's a conspiracy theory. JSX suspended PGN shares trading on Wednesday. Prior to the placement, government controls 59.357% shares of PGN. The second largest shareholder is RS + Co International Ltd at 8.843%.

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