Friday, December 15, 2006

PGN divestment closed at Rp11,350, behind the story

MSOE Sugiharto had finally decided to sell 185 million shares of PT PGN Tbk at Rp11,350, slightly above majority of submission at Rp11,300. As a result, the so-called Malaysia investor's offer at Rp12,000 dropped. What's up?

Bookbuilders (Danareksa, Bahana & Credit Suisse) had apparently met the 'investor' from Malaysia who wrote a letter to minister Sugiharto that he could buy PGN shares at Rp12,000 with closing date of transaction on December 22.
"But when we confronted him with some questions, he sais just ignore his letter to the minister and let's talk. He claimed that he has the money, but payment should be extended to two months," one investment banker involved in the transaction said.
The Malaysia investor has close friend HL, who is also the confidante of minister Sugiharto.
"Well, it looks good, but with the potential increase in share price in two months, you could easily suspect of something if you receive such offer," he further said.
But the Malaysian denied that. "The truth, brokerage firms hired by government asked as to put on the table last night at the amount of USD247 million while the mechanism is T+3," representative of the Malaysian I met this morning said.
"We have no connection with HL. We have direct relation with the minister himself," he said.
"I'm not surprised if later on you'll find Credit Suisse take all the benefits of this transaction. We told them that we have OSK behind us to support, not CIMB nor PNM, but they just didn't care," he complained.
When I asked him why not bought the shares in the market at cheaper price, he said, " because we know government will divest 5.31% shares and then we sent the offering letter last Thursday."
It means this guy got information from the ministry prior to the bookbuilding. The question, why the Malaysian guy didn't submit offer to bookbuilders?
"My analysis, Sugiharto's connection like AS mounts pressure like...see, Jamsostek and Malaysia's PNB are behind this investor, so you better entertain them. But if the guy is a qualified investor, he should have submitted the offer to bookbuilders, not to Sugiharto," an analyst said.
Hm...interesting. Let's wait what Sugiharto will say this afternoon.
Antara quoted M Said Didu, secretary to the ministry of SOEs, saying the Rp11,350/share already a record for Indonesia because this is the first time such divestment got premium price. He should read archives!

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