Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cabinet reshuffle preview

What's the urgency of a cabinet reshuffle if the leaders (President & VP) can't agree early on about their future, especially what kind of arrangement for 2009 election?

"Well, our real problem is the conflict betweeen the inner circles of both President & VP. Level of trust has been eroded in the past two years. President's inner circle suspicious about the VP and vice versa. This is not healthy at all, and a cabinet reshuffle would useless in such situation," one political analyst said.
Such resolution will work only if both leaders agree to run as a team in 2009, right? What if they decide to compete?
"That's gonna be disaster," he said.
Despite the skepticism, rumors about cabinet reshuffle have been intensified in the political circle. MSOE Sugiharto, for example, is rumored to be replaced by Sofyan Djalil (the communication minister). This is not new. Sofyan was member of Lembang Nine, success team for VP Kalla. Other name mentioned is...

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