Saturday, November 04, 2006

SBY & JK: Together, we crash

It's too early to change the 2004 election magic words for SBY-JK, Together, we could to Together, we crash...But that would be the likely outcome if both leaders wage openly the war for 2009 election right now with the recent dispute on a newly super-team established by SBY to accelerate the reform but JK oppose it.

The Post put it right in its headline today that the rift between SBY & JK used to be left under the rug, but this time it's open. JK's statement after a Golkar Party meeting yesterday might well represent that.
I could understand Golkar's dissapointment, especially because none of the figures in the new team is the party's cadre. But look at how Muhammadyah Chairman Din Syamsuddin, former research and development hea of Golkar Party, reacted. He urged the president to simply dismiss the team arguing it would potentially breakup the cabinet. He also regrets how difficult for Muhammadyah and Indonesia Ulemma Council (MUI) to meet the president. "I have to wait eight months and it's after three letters asking for the meeting. It's lot easier to meet God," Syamsuddin grumbled.
Noted ulemma Yusuf Hasyim (former president Wahid's uncle) also suggests the president to revoke the team. "There is also a win-win solution that the team may exist but the chairman should be other guy that Marsilam Simanjuntak because he is a controversial figure," Hasyim said.
Meanwhile, Hasyim Muzadi, chairman of Nahdatul Ulama (NU), said based on his discussion with JK at his resident, the team had been dissolved. But JK told the press differently afterwards. "We discussed Poso conflict, and we discussed nothing important issues than that. Regarding the team, it's up to the president," Kalla said.
I had also expressed my views against the team, but for different reasons. I'm not questioning the professionalism of the team members because I believe our very problem is many times not about personal issues but rather their capabilities to make collective decisions and implement them.
The team's core executives are Marsilam (chairman, former minister under Wahid administration, happened to be a Catholic), Agus Wijoyo (deputy chairman, former military top brass, SBY's long-time friend, Islam), and Edwin Gerungan (deputy chairman, former chairman of Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency/IBRA, Christian). I hope you don't come up with conclussion that both Syamsuddin and Hasyim tend to oppose SBY on the team because of its religious-sensitive issue. This is more a political issue.
Deputy chairman of PPP (Islamic party) Lukman Haki Saifuddin, for example, said he couldn't accept Golkar Party's rejection on SBY's new team. "Especially if the reason is too personal and subjective, i.e. Marsilam once opposing Golkar," he was quoted by Kompas on Saturday.
People's Consultative Assembly speaker Hidayat Nur Wahid (from PKS, Islamic Party) simply warned the team could be accommodated if the main goal is to strengthen cross-institutions relationship and as long as that has nothing to do with 2009 election.
Well, I still believe in my previous stance that what the country needs actually not a new team that supercedes the cabinet because we already have two leaders anyway (SBY & JK). We need both SBY and JK to make up their minds in making strong collective decisions in implementing reform policies (down-to-earth) to develop the country. Except that they agreed to throw away the 2004 election slogan!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top the Ministers and VP: Those who against SBY's decision please rise their hand and submit resignationan letter.

It is as simple as that. You disagree you walk out. Let say JK submitted his resignation, then, based on our constitution SBY has the right to submit 2 names to MPR who within 60 days must select one. So, Agung Laksono .... in worst case scenarion, be prepared to take over the job!!

November 08, 2006 11:20 AM  
Anonymous SDK said...

As a president fully and directly elected by the people, SBY has the right and to do anything he wants as long as he thinks it is in the best interest of the public.

For those who oppose him, including JK, take a hike and make sure you vote for a president that would yield to your will in the next election - if you candidate can win of course..

So SBY - you have my support and the majority of the people - Go ahead and empower your team. A reform is long overdue and this is why we voted for you.

November 13, 2006 9:07 PM  

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