Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Golkar starts 2009 campaign for Kalla?

I saw some big-size posters of Vice President Jusuf Kalla in Jakarta major streets since last week in his capacity as chairman of Golkar Party. One of them is located near the Sultan Hotel (previously Hilton Hotel) owned by corruption suspect Pontjo Sutowo (brother-in-law of Aksa Mahmud, Kalla's brother-in-law).

Today, I saw one-full page of advertisement in Kompas newspaper filled with big-size photograph of Kalla. Well, Golkar may argue that all of these are related to the party's national leadership meeting held in Jakarta this week. But others may see them as the signs of Golkar's 2009 campaign.
Well, it's too premature to conclude that Golkar will eventually name Kalla as a president candidate for 2009. But the party has just reaffirmed its commitment to support SBY's leadership? Hm...I think the party was trying to be polite by declaring that, especially after the party leadership's open opposition to the team established by SBY.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone knows good sources on the history of Golkar? I heard that the concept of establishment was from a Jesuit priest, for a positive intention that time for sure. The very idea was very brilliant and no wonder Golkar has grown this big. It's a pity then it becomes a warm den for the corrupt people.

November 16, 2006 2:57 PM  

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