Thursday, October 19, 2006

Voucher & WSF scandals

Imagine few weeks ago when property tycoon Ciputra introduced Hasan Saputro, inventor of water stimulating feed (WSF), to president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono? The president praised the man and immediately promise to ask all governors to listen Saputro's presentation. Today we read in papers: Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriantono, declared WSF, currently 'produced' by listed debt-ridden company PT Suba Indah Tbk, as illegal product.

But if that's not enough, read all the stories about hundreds of million rupiah 'gift' vouchers provided by Education Minister Bambang Sudibyo (finance minister under Wahid Administration) and distributed by the speaker of The House of Representative Agung Laksono to schools owned-operated by Kosgoro (organization under Golkar Party). Laksono is not alone. Total amount of such vouchers could be around Rp350 billion (US$40 million). Laksnono disclosed his colleagues at House Commission IX & VIII also received the same vouchers. He defended the vouchers calling himself only as postman for Education Ministry's donation program.
Sudibyo admitted the issuance of the vouchers, but failed to answer the question,
why he need these legislators as postmen? What kind of deal between the minister and these postmen? How much is the stamp cost?




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