Monday, October 02, 2006

Do we need another reshuffle? quoted Agung Laksono (deputy chairman of Golkar Party) and Sutrisno Bachir (chairman of National Mandate Party/PAN) on Sunday about the possible cabinet reshuffle before the end of the year. Do we really need that?

Mr Laksono said Golkar has prepared candidates should president SBY reshuffle the cabinet. But he doubted if the president could downsize political parties representation in the cabinet because the coalition has been there, based on political acommodation.
Meanwhile, Mr Bachir predicted the reshuffle will not downsizing the cabinet. It's just replacing low-quality ministers, he said. "It seems the president will not replace ministers from PAN," he claimed.
Mr Bachir, a close ally and confidant of president SBY, believes the cabinet reshuffle would not be done next month, but most likely in November or December.
Well, when it comes to the frequent reshuffle, some believe it could only lead to administration chaos, flip-flopping policies, and wasting time. But others believe the necessity of another reshuffle to bring in new ideas from better & qualified people.
Looking back at what we have achieved in the last two years, reshuffle alone is not the right answer on sluggish performance of some ministries. Overall, we have lost the direction and poor leadership. Another reshuffle may give impression of the leader's willingness to improve the situation. But without clear direction and strong leadership, I'm afraid we would only fooling people around with brand new promises.
Let say the slow-pace of projects implementation at state agencies and state-owned enterprises to fuel the economy. Is it because poor performance of ministers or the absence of leadership that pave the ways in enforcing implementations?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see it, at least there are 2 scenarios here :
1) Balancing act for the sake of the "agreed coalition", especially for "Golkar-backed" ministers,
2) Chaos cover up... (but I only hope that those "guilty ones" punished)

Well, as long as the RI regular peoples were not harmed... these politicians can do whatever they want (as long as doesn't breach constitutions - the UUD 45 and Pancasila of course)

I'm just worried that RI people had enough of these "Medan Merdeka" balancing acts that has been providing no positive results for most of people's welfare... only for some "group of people"...

October 02, 2006 10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is about time and supposedly the last one as the 2009 election year is not that far.

Don't touch the econ ministers as they are doing good job. Transportation minister is the best example how a politician can do good job in the executive branch.

Let's focus on those ministers who have no achievement so far, or too busy with their political parties or fatting their wallet, or opposing clear instruction from the President.

Well, some of them maybe have no capacity at all or being held hostage by their echelon 1.

So, let's have this last one reshuffle, where the President can put his people who can do the job far better than exisiting one.

October 03, 2006 12:28 PM  

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