Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Workers union urge SBY to kick out Sugiharto

State-Ownes Enterprise Workers Union Federation (FSP-BUMN)urge president SBY to kick out Minister Sugiharto for poor performance, Detik.com reported. This would heat-up the internal conflict at the ministry, already divided with competing political groups/motives.

FSP-BUMN said the conclusion was made based on a survey with 10,000 SOE workers as respondents. Go to detik.com story for a complete report.
FSP-BUMN is in legal battle with Sugiharto's camp after Lendo Novo, one of his right-hand men, filed lawsuit against the organization which claimed to have 8 million supporters for defamation. Lendo filed the lawsuit on FSP-BUMN's statement that Lendo's ad hoc team to investigate corruption at SOEs have squeezed BODs and have been selective in eradicating corruption at SOEs.
At the same time, some groups reported MSOE's secretary M. Said Didu for alleged corruption. Didu's supporters consider this move as part of Sugiharto's camp campaign to kick Didu out of the ministry.
In another not-so-unrelated development, yesterday, members of Geram (Anti-Corruption Student Activists Movement) three rotten eggs to Hendarman Supandji, deputy attorney general for special crime. Geram mad at Supandji because he was believed to be the one who set free Eddie Widiono, state-owned electricity company PLN CEO. Widiono, detained for few months, was in a meeting with VP Jusuf Kalla at PLN's headquarter discussing 'crash program' on development of 10,000 MW power plants when Geram throwing the rotten eggs to Supandji.
Supandji himself is under the spotlight following the accusation of Rusdi Tahir, former Jakarta Attorney Chief, that the former regularly intervene the prosecution of corruption cases.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While highlighting MSOE's internal dispute between Lendo Novo and Said Didu, try to see where is another trusted woman of Sugiharto?
Sugiharto has three trusted persons to help him running his duties. There are Aris Muftie, Helmi Lubis, and Tatat.
But Helmi is now trying to undercover after his failure to help Sugiharto to buyback Semen Gresik. Some said Helmi was a corporate finance planner to set up consortium for the buyback.
Aries is still sitting well helping Sugiharto.

Where is Tatat??
I hear that last week she was appointed by Kimia Farma's shareholders to be a director of its subsidiary moving on distribution business along with the new comer of Syamsul Arifin, former Kimia Farma Director, replacing Dani Pratomo from President of Indofarma.

If she really wants to help Sugiharto, why did she receive the position like the others?

It seems all persons surrounded Sugiharto have been put in key positions both in state owned enterprises or their subsidiaries.

Richard Claproth is now a commissioner of Bank Mandiri. Aries is a commissioner of Garuda Indonesia. Tommy Sutomo is director of Angkasa Pura along with Sunarsip as a commissioner of BRI.
Lin Che is also to be presiden director of Danareksa.
Sugiharto still have two trusted men who are waiting for the key position.

September 12, 2006 3:41 PM  

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