Friday, September 08, 2006

The Richest 'Refugees'

Do you know where the richest Indonesians live? Most of them live in Singapore, Hong Kong or Shanghai. They are active residents in these countries. They come to Indonesia only on VIP invitations, to meet the president, vice president, ministers or governors. Why? Is it because they're not comfortable with the living condition here, the country that gave them most of the fortunes?

Wait a minute! Some of the richests in Forbes list have left the country as fugitives even though overseas travel ban were installed and became permanent residents in other countries. Government made announcements when imposing travel ban on these guys, but silently lifted the ban. Last year, a conglomerate sent 10 men to my office asking the newspaper to make correction on a story that the guy was still in the fugitive list. The reporter knew the conglomerate was on the list when he wrote the story, but somehow the police had wiped his name from the list.
Some managed to pass the travel ban on prosecutor's permit for medical treatment and never came back, enjoy shopping spree at the country next door.
Some left the country to be senior citizens (because they're really old) in the new country and self-proclaimed global citizens.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats disgusting. Their children come back with blood money. Money stolen from the people through the banks they use to own or defaulting on their loans. We living here had bailed them out through the years of high inflation.

their children only 5-7 yrs old during the crisis comes back to jakarta and think they are above it all.

somebody should be shot.

September 14, 2006 2:32 PM  

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