Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mud therapy USD150/hr, Merrill & Greenpeace

No kidding. A geologist from European country confirmed earlier skepticism that Lapindo Brantas Inc would ever stop the mudflow in Sidoarjo, East Java. He suggested the alternative future of the area, just like what initially believed as mere joke, for mud therapy. The difference, this time at a price, say the Ayuverda's Lepana (herbalized mud treatment) could cost US$150/hour.
A cabinet meeting tonight will make decision on whether to dump the mud to the sea, open new business opportunity like SPAs, or make it national park like Yellowstone.

Public Utilities minister Djoko said, "it's better to save people's lives than fish," a sign that most likely president SBY would let Lapindo offload the mud to Madura sea.
Greenpeace had poured some liters of the mud in front of Aburizal Bakrie's office (as minister) today. But this NGO needs several tankers/vessels to ship the mud from Sidoarjo to Bakrie & Lapindo offices.
Stock Market authorities stunned with US$2 price tag on Lapindo Brantas Inc's asset to be sold to Bakrie Group. Not to mention Merrill Lynch's US$120 million loan arranged to finance Brantas production sharing contract (PSC) operated by Lapindo. It's a hell of pain for creditors to think of Lapindo's new owner financial liabilities amid growing victim's claims.
Still, creditors believe in this group. An investment banker said it almost certain Bumi Resources would get US$1.2 billion, the amount exactly it needed. Well, the new owner of Lapindo would make more money out of the Ayuverda thing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who used to live nearby would still be suffering...

Tons of apologies were not yet heard from Lapindo Brantas management,

I wonder when will be the days in Indonesia of a welfare coordinating minister stepped down because of his personal business entity has caused damage to people,

Funny thing: does anyone noticed that he was never in the news (in his capacity as the welfare coordinating minister) when this Lapindo thing blows out...

Muddy politics....muddy business

September 28, 2006 2:55 PM  

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