Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lapindo Stop The Mudflow Contest: Win US$9,000!

Kompas newspaper run a headline on Sunday about Village Chief/Housing Complex Developer who initiate a contest to stop the mudflow from Lapindo Brantas Inc's oil/gas drilling. The newspaper called it an expression of desperation. The winner could get US$9,000 (not in cash, but a US$9,000-worth house) as long as he/she could stop the mudflow in one day operation! Superstitious? Could be. But who knows that would be a world's best practice for oil/gas disaster management?

Meanwhile The Jakarta Post's headline, also on Sunday, tells us another hillarious twist to the continuing mudflow. The Post reported a local TV station claims Lapindo Brantas Inc had agreed to pay for a 13-episode soap opera (we call it sinetron) titled Gali Lubang Tutup Lubang (Digging a hole, Filling a Hole).
East Java station Jawa Post Televisi (JTV) executive producer Awi Setiawan said all production costs (Rp520 million or almost US$49,000) would be covered by Lapindo. But Lapindo denied.
Let me combine the two stories to be like this...Lapindo would pay the 54-episode TV series about the mudflow, in which 53 episodes about the failed attempts (high technology) and the last episode about someone who managed to stop the mudflow with less than one day of superstitious operation!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He he he
Another Bandung Bondowoso story...
If the mud flow cannot be stopped in one night (like the Candi Sewu construction)... then who will be hanged..? the contestant or the well-owner?..
sad..but true...

September 04, 2006 2:37 PM  

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