Sunday, August 20, 2006

Proton in Indonesia: 16 years later

Malaysia's manufactured car Proton driven controversies in early 90s when Soeharto administration awarded tax and duty free for imported Proton cars for taxi purpose to her daughter Siti Hardijanti "Mbak Tutut".

Through president decree no. 57/1993, imported sedan-type cars for taxi purpose were eligible for tax and duty free even though the law no. 7/1983 on tax didn't give any exceptions.
Months before the downfall of his father, Tutut imported 15,000 Proton Saga sedans, reportedly to support the SEA Games. But that's a history already.
Proton had established its own subsidiary called PT Proton Edar International Indonesia. Proton, in an effort to gear itself for a fresh export drive, has secured orders for 3,000 units of its Wira model to be used as taxis in Indonesia, it was announced as reported by Bernama on Sunday.
The taxis will be delivered in batches to several major cities in Indonesia, said Dwi Sasetia, director of PT Proton Edar Internasional Indonesia (PEII), Proton's Indonesian subsidiary.




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