Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lapindo disaster updates: Military operation!

Areas hit by hot mudflow from Lapindo Brantas Inc's drilling at Banjar Panji-1, Sidoarjo, have increasingly become military's battlegrounds and businesses. reported that East Java governor Imam Utomo had approved yesterday Brawijaya Military Command's plan to deploy its personels to to build the embankments to keep the hot mud from further overflowing other areas. It's not clear how many platoons to be deployed.
Last week, as reported by Antara, president SBY visited a communal kitchen which was set up by the Brawijaya military command for the hot mud victims.
The military command deployed 73 personnel to help cook meal for 8,721 refugees.
The military personnel who cooked 900 kg of chicken meat, 550 kg of cow meat, and 5 tons of rice as well as boiled 4,000 liters of water for the refugees had served the hot mud victims since June 16.
PT Lapindo Brantas provided the military personnel with Rp500 million each day to cook the meal.
It's not clear whether the military forces would be deployed in a bigger project starting today, to install 17 km-long pipeline along the Porong river to offload the hot mud to Madura Strait. quoted Rawindra, manager of Lapindo in East Java saying the company have started to station the 18-inch pipes at the riverside yesterday. Unfortunately the online publication didn't elaborate whether the offloading plan has been approved or whether the mud should be processed first.....
Maybe this guys think the Navy will take care the offloaded mud.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh-uh, this is deep sh*t!!

This will be "the" test for them.

August 16, 2006 9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, have they checked the contents/ingridients of the mud before the off-load to Madura straits? Don't think so...!
Read from various newspaper that the mud did contains some sulphurs (make peoples suffers ARS) and other chemicals (mercuries?)...
Off the ground goes to the sea...
Another pollution...
WOW... Please deh!!
Those guys really thinks that they are UNTOUCHABLES.....

August 16, 2006 6:46 PM  

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