Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lapindo disaster updates: Counting the compensation! reported Marine Commander Mayor General Safzen Nurdin gave donation to 125 marine families live at Tanggulangin Anggun Sejahtera housing complex which hit by mudflow from Lapindo Brantas Inc's drilling in Banjar Panji-1, Porong District, East Java ahead of a planned major rally to protest the disaster.

It's not clear how much money the general gave or the source of the fund. But quoted general Nurdin asking its member to be patient and not join the rally.
Meanwhile residents of Besuki Village ask Lapindo Brantas to buy their houses before the whole village sinking. More than 20 hectares of paddy fields in the village had been covered by mudflow. reported Lapindo has started to pay the wages of workers at plants that had stopped their operation due to the mudflow. Total amount is Rp2.35 billion. The company also would disburse Rp6.8 billion to relocate the factories.
A group of 17 NGOs criticized Lapindo's compensation package which consisted of offer to pay victim's house rental fee Rp2.5 million per year, moving fee of Rp500 thousand (US$50) and meals per month of Rp300 thousand (US$35).
East Java governor Imam Utomo ask the victims' willingness to sacrifice. What?
In another development, reported the state-owned turnpike operator PT Jasa Marga has started to raise the level of the Surabaya-Gempol route by 2.5 meters as there is no sign of the mudflow to end. The 2.2 km-long project would complete in 21 days. Make sure Lapindo underwrite the costs.
Starting tomorrow, Sidoarjo administration and the military will raise the embankment, deploying 1,000 military personels. "This is part of military's village development program." Again, make sure, the military is not misusing the state budget as village development program is a state-funded program. Except that military officers make money out of this disaster.

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