Friday, August 18, 2006

Lapindo disaster updates: Bakrie Health Spa

Experts predicted the volume of mud from the troubled Lapindo Brantas Inc's drilling in Porong district, East Java, could reach 7 million cubic meters in the next three months due to the debit of around 50,000 m3 per day. Using the current method of temporary holding ponds to help control the flow of mud to surrounding areas/residencies, Lapindo needs a pond every morning and by the evening it might be collapsed again.

Media reported the collapse of another embankment yesterday, following the three ponds that had broken since May 29 forcing around 11,000 residents to flee to safer places.
Meanwhile, environmental affairs minister Rachmat Witoelar softened his stance on Lapindo's plan to offload the mud to the sea on condition that Lapindo process the mud first.
It means, Lapindo Brantas (owned by Bakrie Family-related PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk) should install mud processing facility before piping it to the sea. Lapindo has started to install pipeline along the Porong River to Madura Strait.
Meanwhile, reported yesterday that no progress made on stopping the mudflow. The online publication quoted Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Body's deputy chairman Triana Kartoatmodjo saying the team to stop the mudflow failed to implement the third method because Lapindo has yet to provide a template. "They promised to start the drilling in one more week," he said.
The method should have been started in August 4, but failed on a major gas blast in the area. Well, one week delay means 350,000 m3 of new mud outflow and probably thousands more evacuees.
In the meantime, Indonesians are bussy to exchange short messages (SMS) as follows (I just got this morning):
Special Treatment on Indonesia's 61 Independence anniversary: Healing for all rheumatics, ichy...with hot mudflow bathing. Contact BAKRIE HEALTH SPA, Sidoarjo, East Java....and it's free of charge for those who just recived Ahmad Bakrie Award.

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Better check whether the sms exchange are using Bakrie Telecom's Esia... boosting another income...Ha ha ha

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