Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Indonesia 2007 Budget

Below are the key economic targets for the state budget 2007 proposed to Indonesian parliament.

Key 2007 targets:
- Exchange reserves: US$43.58 billion (US$39.5 billion in 2006)
- Govt bond issuance: Rp34.2 trillion (US$3.76 billion)
- Budget deficit: 0.9% (1.2% in 2006)
- Economic growth : 6.3% (5.9% in 2006 target)
- Total State Revenue: Rp713 trillion
- Total State Expenses: Rp746.5 trillion
- Rupiah against USD: 9,300 (against 9,000 in 2006)
- Oil price assumption: USD65/barrel
- Tax ratio: 14.3% (13.7% in 2006)
- Fuel subsidy: Rp68.6 trillion
- Electricity subsidy: Rp25.8 trillion
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Blogger Setyo Budiantoro said...

These macroeconomic data do not reflect the "real" economic condition. If we see roughly the target maybe it looks fine, the problem is how about the target for the people. I mean, how about the target of absorption for the unemployment? How about the target to reduce poverty? The common people do not care about the macroeconomic data. They concern with what they face everyday, does the economy make better for them or not?

Macroeconomic stability is important, but how about the economic condition of the people ? It confuses between "means" and "ends". Development is by, with, and for the people. I do hope the key targets reflecting the target "more concrete" for the people such like : job creation, eradicating poverty, and so forth. Then, we can talk about how about to achieve them and to make the macroeconomic still stable.

Why this is important because I do not want that we will be trapped again to discrepancy such like in new order era. We want high economic growth but with much better quality of growth.

August 16, 2006 4:02 PM  

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