Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Energy highlights

Below is the highlights of energy news published by Indonesian newspaper today.

Oil and Gas: Media reported 41 oil and gas contracts on the block, mainly onshore and offshore Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi & Java. The blocks are as follows:
Sulawesi: Madang, South Mandar, Sageri, South Sageri, Enrekang, Karama, Malunda, and Mandar.
Natuna: Tuna, Cucut, Dolphin, Cakalang, Baronang, & Kerapu.
Sumatra: West Air Komering, offshore Lampung I
Kalimantan: Southeast Mahakam, Tigau, Menatana.
Java: Ujung Kulon
Meanwhile, ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia discovered three oil and gas fields at Cepu Block. EMOI already identified five fields at Cepu block namely Kemuning, Alas Dara, Cendana, Banyu Urip, and Jambaran. Total estimated reserves are 600 million barrels of oil and 10 TCF of natural gas.
Synthetic fuel: Sugico Group and MOK Industries LLC (USA) announced a plan to build a coal-based synthetic fuel with US$800 million investment in South Sumatra. The plant is expected to start commercial production in 2011 using low rank coal as raw material with initial capacity of 20,000 bpd. I'll put a note on people behind this new project by afternoon.

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