Tuesday, February 14, 2006

President's SMS bill, personal website

Shoud president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono replies all the incoming short messages (SMS) to the magic number 9949 (his birthday), his monthly cellular bill might have reached hundreds of million rupiah. I don't know how much is the cost to send a message to the number. But if the average tariff applies it could be Rp200 per message.
According to the president's special staff Sardan Marbun total incoming SMS reached 1.927 million since the service opened to public few months ago. It means that total cost the cellular customers paid almost Rp400 million. How much the cost at the president side for the Thank You auto reply?
In another related development, today Detik.com reported that the president finally has his personal website at www.presidensby.info. I couldn't access it so far. Total cost for the project was Rp84 million. Advertisers are welcomed?



Blogger friskodude said...

I got through to his website, which has a page in English that includes several of his recent speechs. The IHT article about the cartoon controversy is well worth a read.

February 15, 2006 4:36 AM  

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