Saturday, February 18, 2006

PKS approach Chinese ethnic to win Jakarta Governor Election

As the first direct election of Jakarta governor is just months away, Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/PKS)---the winner of legislative election in 2004, has started to win the race with new approach.
PKS Chairman Tifatul Sembiring told the party's executives and cadres to broaden the political base with serious efforts to get supports from Chinese ethnic. This is a very interesting development considering the party's strong Islamic image.
"We can't build and develop Jakarta without Chinese community. We have to have the Chinese on our side. We gotta tell them that we're not a threat," he said yesterday.
Tifatul urge his party members to reach out to non-Islamic groups and networks if they want to win the election next year. Winning the Jakarta Governor election, Tifatul said, could reflect the party's chance in bigger political struggle which is to win the 2009 general election.
Indonesians of Chinese descent account for approximately 3%, or around six million, of the country’s 215 million people. But some estimates put it arround 10 million, including intermarriages.
Jakarta has a large Chinese community which has been there for centuries. It is estimated that about ten percent of the population is of Chinese descent.
While the number seems small, they have huge economic influence and has significant votes in Jakarta. Despite efforts by some Islamic parties, most of their votes were given to more secular parties.
Who are the candidates for governor from PKS?
Two names have been tipped. Actor-director Rano Karno (popular for his Betawi--native Jakartans TV series titled Si Doel) and Major General Syafrie Syamsuddin (currently secretary general of the ministry of defense, a former Jakarta Military Commander during the 1998 riot).
Popular figure Andi Alfian Malarangeng, the president's spokes person, is believed to contest the election with support from Partai Demokrat.



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