Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pertamina directors sacked, Ari Soemarno the new CEO

Finally, it's a bitter end for Widya Purnama. Last night, government fired the president director of state-owned company PT Pertamina in a shareholder meeting. Pertamina's marketing director Ari Hernanto Soemarno had been appointed as the new CEO for the giant oil and gas company.
"It's true. Last night, government replaced Widya with Ari Soemarno," said one executive at Pertamina this morning.
But one director replied my question through short message system saying, "That's the rumor I heard," he said.
I wrote last week about Ari Soemarno as the front-runner to replace Widya.
The replacement took place amid growing criticism on Widya's stubborn stance to have Pertamina as the operator of the giant Cepu oil field and put ExxonMobil at a delicate situation. Widya was at odds with government officers and board of commissioners on the issue. But others warned hidden agenda behind Widya's 'nationalistic' campaign especially the company's relationship with PetroChina.


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