Friday, February 24, 2006

Investment Corner

Starting of today, I'll list down briefly new important foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Indonesia.

1) Malaysia's Lion in Kalimantan palm oil: Total investment US$45 million. The plant, to be located in Malinau, East Kalimantan province, would produce 45,000 tones per year of crude palm oil and 10,000 tones of palm kernel oil (PKO). Lion establish a joint venture company named PT Lion Intimung Malimau through its subsidiary LFIB Plantations Sdn Bhd. PD Intimung, a company owned by Malinau Regency Administration, act as partner in the joint venture.
2) South Korea's Poong Won Chehwa Co Ltd: To build a shoe factory in Serang, Banten province with investment up to US$30 million. The plant would absorb 8,000 workers to produce 5 million pairs of shoes for export market. The company had established a joint venture company named PT Poong Won Indonesia with Parkland Co Ltd, South Korea, as investment partner.



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