Saturday, February 04, 2006

AGO found corruption in Pelindo II, WB director might be implicated

Attorneg General's Office has found indication of corruption in the divestment of government shares in container port operator PT Jakarta International Terminal Container (JITC), a subsidiary of state-owned port administrator PT Pelindo II.
The case is not new. Abdurrahman Wahid admnistration had launched investigation in early 2000, but the results were unclear. Megawati Soekarnoputri stopped investigation into the case, but it is reopened and that would lead to the prosecution of some officers involved in the deal such as Tanri Abeng (former minister of state-owned enterprises, currently chairman of commissioner of state-owned PT Telkom Tbk), Herwidayatmo (former deputy to SOE minister under Abeng, currently director of World Bank in Washington DC), and Herman Prayitno (former president director of Pelindo II).
Government sold JITC to Hong Kong-based Hutchinson-Whampoa at 1.89 trillion (almost 200 million US dollars at current rate). But the payment was agreed to be paid in 20 years time.
Abeng and Herwidayatmo were named suspect in 2002 and had been summoned by the prosecutors, but later on freezed the case for undisclosed reasons. It is not clear yet whether the both guys would be renamed as suspects again.
Hendarman Supandji, chairman of the investigation team, said yesterday that the team would name suspects in the aledged corruption case pending further investigation and supporting data from State Auditing Agency.




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