Monday, November 28, 2005

When PKS barks louder than its bite

The Welfare and Justice Party (PKS) decided here on Sunday that it would not withdraw its support for the government as it had said before.

"The PKS will not withdraw its support to the United Indonesia Cabinet," the chairman of the party`s advisory council, KH Hilmi Aminuddin, said when explaining the results of the advisory council`s third meeting ending here on Sunday.

This is what Arbi Sanit, political scientist from University of Indonesia, call as a predictable 'bark is louder than the bite' strategy from PKS.

The decision is in contrast with a internal survey saying PKS image heavily tarnished with its stance on supporting government. About 62 percent PKS supporters in Jakarta (its main base) expressed their upsets with the party's position, while 75 percents supporters in Yogyakarta believes supporting government cost the party a lot.

Today, PKS's Yogyakarta Chapter expressed their regret on the central board decision. But that's all.
Here we go. PKS and the largest Golkar Party had reiterated their support for the government. The president is relieved and may relax for a while after two-week overseas trip. What's next?

A mini reshuffle on his cabinet. Jawa Pos quoted Andi Malarangeng, spoke person for the president, saying reshuffle will be announced very soon, in coming days.

Two ministers would be replaced. First, minister of finance Jusuf Anwar. Second, minister for industry affairs Andung Nitimihardja. No surprises on the candidates to fill their posts. The current national planning minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati will replace Anwar, while businessman Rahmat Gobel to replace Andung.

Sad for PKS. They had asked four ministerial posts, including the Attorney General's Office. The party is even willing to withdraw its three members from cabinet in exchange of more important posts, especially in the economic team and AGO.




Anonymous Rizal Arif said...

PKS indeed has done a disappointed things in their last majelis syuro meeting.

I found a blog specialized in watching PKS at

I did agree to most of articles there and in this blog about PKS. They are just started to be disgustin

November 28, 2005 4:59 PM  

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