Friday, November 25, 2005

Shell to build 500 gas stations in Indonesia

Super-major oil company Shell plans to build 500 gas stations in Indonesia over the next few years.
Bisnis Indonesia reported today Downstream Oil and Gas Regulator (BPH Migas) considered only Shell and Malaysia's Petronas as the most serious oil companies to enter the fuel distribution business in the country. Petronas had announced its plan to build 200 gas stations in Indonesia.
Shell just opened the first foreign oil company's gas station in Tangerang, Banten province last month. Shell planned to build more gas stations in Jakarta, the largest fuel consumer in Indonesia.
Even though at the moment Shell and Petronas could only distribute non-subsidy fuels, their massive investments would make them entitled to distribute the susidized fuels as well. Shell and Petronas could grap 10% of fuel distribution, BPH Migas said, while the rest would remain under the state-owned Pertamina's control.
Presidential Decree No.71/2005 allows BPH Migas to appoint other companies to distribute fuels through open bidding process. "Shell and Petronas could get 10% of total fuels distribution, while Pertamina at 90%. But Pertamina should convince us about their capability before we give bigger share to other companies," said one officer at BPH Migas as quoted by the newspaper.




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