Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Probosutedjo hospitalised for thyroid problem

After hours of uncertainty, prosecutors finally found convicted businessman Probosutedjo at a Executive Suite of prestigious Pondok Indah hospital this afternoon. He was hospitalised for thyroid problems soon after receiving the verdict yesterday.
Prosecutors promised to move Probosutedjo to Jakarta's Cipinang Petinentiary today unless there will be other policies (what this supposed to mean?)."Well, if attorney has different opinion and wants to keep Probosutedjo in the hospital, it could be discussed later on. But we have to execute the verdict first," said one of the prosecutors.
Even if Probosutedjo file a judicial review, he should be jailed first. On Monday, Supreme Court confirmed lower court verdict of four-year in prison for Probosutedjo.
His lawyer worried the decision was taken as a revenge for his client's claim of giving huge sum of money to judges and prosecutors along the way to Supreme Court process.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probosutedjo = Guru Besar!
Probojutedjo = Koruptor!
Probosutedjo = Masuk Penjara
Probosutedjo = Masuk rumah sakit
Masuk Penjara = Penjahat

Formula yg berlaku:
Guru Besarnya Koruptor dinilai sebagei penjahat, oleh karena demikien, harus masuk penjara, tetapi dengan alasen masuk rumah sakit diundur masuk penjaranya.
Undurlah terus masuk penjaranya, anda aken mas'suk penjara lebih lama Guru Besar!

November 30, 2005 7:17 PM  

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