Thursday, November 17, 2005

High-Level Officers, Low-Level Phrases!

Anwar Nasution, chairman of Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), is popular for his sharp criticism and always cynical on things. He is a master of phrases. During Soeharto years, he called the central bank (Bank Indonesia) as the nest of robbers (sarang penyamun, local term). He gained popularity because of the term, not because of a new economic theory (Anwar is an economist from University of Indonesia).
But he did nothing to clean up the nest when he was appointed senior deputy governor of Bank Indonesia for so many years until his appointment to lead BPK late last year. It was during his years in Bank Indonesia, few banks were forced to close down and leaving huge loss to the state. Unibank (Anwar said Sukanto Tanoto as the owner) and Bank Global are among others that cost the state billions of US dollars. But neither Sukanto nor Irawan Salim (owner of Bank Global) held for accountability for the losses.
The central bank governor Syahril Sabirin was feel betrayed by Anwar during his 5.5 months detain over the Bank Bali scandal.
Without clear results as deputy governor of Bank Indonesia, Anwar got tremendous support from political parties for BPK chairmanship.
Few months ago, one of BPK’s auditors, Khairiansyah Salman revealed corruption within the General Elections Commission (KPU). While people praised Khairiansyah and call him a hero in revealing corruption, Anwar over and over call him boorish (kampungan, local term) and too-late-the-hero (pahlawan kesiangan, local term).
It must be a shame on Anwar when last week the Berlin-based Transparency International awarded Integrity Watch award to Khairiansyah.
Today it is the minister for state secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra to fire back at Anwar. Yusril said Anwar was using the logic of motor bike taxi rider (Tukang Ojek in local term) in his statement of misuse of state-owned properties managed by the State Secretary.Why on earth high-level officers pick up low-level class of phrases?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add on that, this is what Transparency International said about Mr. Salman:

Mr Salman is an auditor at the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in Indonesia who revealed grand corruption in the procurement activities of the General Election Commission and then exposed the bribery of the Commission’s members. This act angered the head of the BPK and Mr Salman was accused of violating the code of conduct. He was then openly accused in the media of entrapping the Commission member to bribe him. Mr Salman who is protected under the Corruption Eradication Commission’s witness protection scheme (KPK) is now working with the Aceh and Nias Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency (BRR). His cooperation with the KPK has enabled the Commission to uncover a USD 2.1 million scandal in the General Electoral Commission which involved virtually all of its members. Nominated by TI Indonesia, Mr Salman has shown that one whistleblower can tackle corruption. He is a role model for millions of Indonesians.

November 17, 2005 3:22 PM  
Blogger IRVANY IKHSAN said...

Dan dia Alumni Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN)...

April 21, 2007 10:43 AM  

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