Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yuanita Rohali & Bakrie Telecom’s IPO

Next month, PT Bakrie Telecom, the telecommunication operator known for its Esia, will hit the stock market trading floor. It’s parent company PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk is preparing the initial public offering with target to float about 15% to 20% of Bakrie Telecom shares.
The extra-ordinary meeting of shareholder of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk which was held on September 22, 2005 has approved of an IPO of Bakrie Telecom but will keep the majority share at the company without additional investment.
Yuanita Rohali, Bakrie & Brothers’ finance director, is the key officer for the plan. She said this week that Bakrie Telecom prospectus needs approval from Bapepam (Indonesia’s SEC) next month.
And when you meet Yuanita, I am sure you could easily recognize her face. The face you might familiar with. Yeah, she is the older sister of famous actrees and TV presenter Alya Rohali.
Well, Yuanita as wrote by Cyberwoman few years ago, was star at University of Indonesia where she graduated with computer science degree. While at the university, she won bronze medal in Miss Jakarta 1988 contest and the finalist for Miss Campus. Even though she had the opportunity to be an actrees or TV presenter like her younger sister, Yuanita decided to work as Programmer Analyst at IT Department of PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk.
She got two master degrees, master of management from University of Indonesia and master of commerce in advance finance from University of South Wales, Sydney in 1994.
After that, Yuanita joint Credit Lyonnaise Bank (1995-2002) with last position as Head of Corporate Banking. As she admitted to Cyberwoman, Yuanita was the first Indonesian woman in that position.
Married with three kids, she try to balance career with family. That’s why at lunch time, she always try to be at home with her kids. Once she rejected a better job in the world’s largest bank because of family consideration. “Life is a choice and that’s my choice,” said the violin lover.
In 2004, Yuanita was appointed as deputy director finance & administration and appointed as Director of Finance on June 2004.
Late last year, she helped the loan arrangement from Swiss Chartered Investment for Bakrie to acquire its subsidiary PT Bakrie Sumatra Plantation (BSP) Tbk. Yuanita said Bakrie wanted to acquire 60% of the plantation company, signigicantly increase from 1% previous the transaction. Yuanita then installed as commissioner at BSP.
She helped Bakrie & Brothers in the June 2005 rights issue that raised Rp1.9 trillion to refinance debts and financing new investment, including Rp500 billion for Bakrie Telecom.
Bakrie Telecom IPO is Yuanita’s big project at the moment. Early this year Yuanita said Bakrie & Brothers was ready to inject fresh capital into its telecommunication unit as long as other shareholders committed to do the same. Bakrie holds 78.63% shares of Bakrie Telecom while CMA Fund at 21.34% and Richweb Investment 2.94%.
In the next two years, Bakrie Telecom needs capital expenditure of Rp1 trillion (US$100 million). In five years, the company, led by Anindya Noverdian Bakrie (son of chief economic minister Aburizal Bakrie who owns Bakrie Group) is targeting 3 million subscribers with additional investment of US$450 million.For sure, with her 30-something age, Yuanita is in line to be CEO like the famous Mrs Eva Riyanti Hutapea (former Indofood CEO) or Miranda Gultom (deputy governor of Bank Indonesia).




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